There Is a Snake (demo)

by The Rakers

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There is a snake! That is coiled! Around the tree! That holds up the sky!


There is a Snake
Tempo: manic caveman

Verse 1
There is a snake (E)
That is coiled (E)
Around the tree (E)
That holds up the sky (E)
And that snake (E)
whispered to me (E)
(A) That he wants you (G) (F#)
to rock ‘n’ roll (E)

bridge 1
(E) There are subatomic particles (subatomic particles!)
(E) Deep inside the nucleus (deep inside the nucleus!)
(E) Of the heaviest elements (heaviest elements!)
(E) In the whole universe (in the whole universe!)
(A) And in the presence
(G) of lightning they realign (A)
To spell out rock ‘n’ roll (E)

Verse 2
There is a rat
And he chews
on the ropes
That to the masters bind
the slaves
and The rat
does it because
he likes the taste of rope and he hates the snake
and he wants you
to rock ’n’ roll

Bridge 2
There is something heavy (there is something heavy!)
In the center of the sun (center of the sun!)
That holds all the planets (holds all the planets!)
In magnificent embrace (magnificent embrace!)
And it spins them forever
Like it favorite record
Like rock ‘n’ roll

Verse 3
There is a missile (E)
In a silo
That it pointed
at my heart.
And the countdown
has started
(G) 3
(F#) 2
(E) 1


released February 23, 2014
Lyrics by Alex V. Cook, Music by the Rakers



all rights reserved


The Rakers Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The thinking man's drinking band from Baton Rouge, La.

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